Andrea- Runaway Dre

Anonymous- Exposing Adoption

Anonymous- The Ungrateful Daughter II

American Indian Adoptees- Split Feathers

Christine Anne- Adopt This

Coffey, Jennifer- The Journey Begins- Uncovering My Unknown

Jessenia Arias- I Am Adopted

Becky Banks- My Daddy’s Eyes

Angela Barra- Adoptee Reflection

Shane Blackwell- Thoughtless Delineation

Velvet Bocephus- Velvet Bocephus

David B. Bohl- Parallel Universes- The Story of Rebirth

Elle Cuardaigh- Following a Tangled Thread

Dawn- Waking Up Dawn

Rosita Gonzalez- Mothermade

Kevin Gladish- A Story With No Beginning: A Late Discovery Adoption Journey

Lynn Grubb- No Apologies for Being Me

Susan Devan Harness- Susan Devan Harness

Carla Hammer- Free Adoptee

Claire Hitchon- The Almost Daughter & More

Kevin Hofman- My Mind On Paper

Chloe Chiifundo Holloway- Oh Mwanawanga 

Meag Hudson- This Adoptee Journey

Rebekah Hutson- Only Black Girl

Marijane Huang- Artful Adoptee

Pamela A. Karanova- Adoptee in Recovery  

Jaeran Kim- Harlows Monkey

Jess Larson- Life on Larson

Michelle Madrid-Branch- Michelle Madrid-Branch

Bekah Mallory- India’s Lost Daughter

Maureen McCauley- Light of Day Stories

Reshma McClintock- Written By Resh

Brittany Nash- The Daily Adoptee

Grace Newton- Red Thread Broken

Janet Nordine- Experience Courage

Karen Pickell- Between: The Space in Between that Separates

Suzan Pleva- Proud of Who I Am

Merika Reagan- The Orphan Girl

Sunny J. Reed- Sunny J. Reed

Christina Romo- Diary of the Not-So-Angry Adoptee

Stephanie Mays Staats-  Bleeding Hearts Adoption

Kay Stanley- Sister Wish: Open Adoption Adoptee Blog

Amanda Transue-Woolston- The Declassified Adoptee

Angela Tucker- The Adopted Life

Kat Turner- Kat Turner

Tara Vanderwoude- Tara Vanderwoude

Christina Keaster Williams- Christina’s Thoughts



The Best Adoptee Blogs of 2017

Black Women Birthing Justice

Dear Adoption, 

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The Best Adoptee Blogs of 2017