Alliance for the Study of Adoption and Culture Conference 2018

 Seventh Biennial Conference of Alliance for the Study of Adoption and Culture in cooperation with Adoption Initiative

*Formations: Thinking Kinship through Adoption*

Oakland Asian Culture Center and Oakstop


ASAC 2018 Complete Schedule



Misdiagnosing adoptees youth with learning disabilities

First mothers signatures are forced on adoption records

We also need to challenge the adoption industries in sending countries

Poverty and lack of resources is the most common reason expectant mothers choose  to make an adoption plan

Adoptive parents do not naturalize their children are are being deported as adults

Gatekeepers to original adoption file include, but not limited to adoptive parents, judges, social workers, orphanage owners, legal corporations

School counselors in Virginia are not trained or personally related to adoption, and they are usually the first contact foster youth and adoptees have with counseling professionals.

Common messages given to international adoptees about their countries of origin are that they are dangerous and impoverished

The need for adoption language as a young child

Illegal international adoptions are still happening

Adoption is run on a business model

Trickery, manipulation, and fraud in court deceive first/birth families

Adoption is a colonial practice

Adoption is a construction of cultural genocide of indigenous people

Adoption profits off of mothers in poverty

Children were /are stolen from their daycare and placed in the international adoption industries

Demand for infant adoptions is greater than there are infants available… Supply and Demand

First/ birth mothers healing begins when they know where their child(ren) are and that they are doing well. “I just want to watch her walk by.”- Costa Rican birth mother that lost her child to poverty

Kinship- Deconstructing the competitiveness of parenting and ownership of children. I have four mothers. Which one is your real mother? Again, I have four mothers. European/white culture?

How am I representing myself today and archiving it?

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